We started Elite Roofing Supply seven years ago with a pragmatic approach to the business: crawl, walk, run. Over the years, we’ve transitioned from humble beginnings with two stores in California, to 15 branches in four states. Through it all, we stayed true to building our business in a thoughtful, step-by-step manner. Today, we continue to execute our growth plans by opening new branches in new markets. In doing so, we make sure to hire talented employees and partners, and scale our Headquarters (HQ) support team, as these are all part of the natural progression at Elite. With progression comes change; next year will bring forth some exciting transitions in our leadership team.

Chief Executive Officer/President

It is my pleasure to announce that effective January 1, 2020, Sarah Weiss will assume the role as CEO & President of Elite. Sarah has been with Elite as a principal partner since the beginning. Early on, she was responsible for opening green field locations, creating our operational infrastructure and building our Headquarters from scratch.

Over the past few years, Sarah has shifted her attention to Elite’s strategic plan. She has been listening intently to our customers, our vendor partners, our Managing Partners and our employees, to identify needs, and to determine how Elite can meet those needs in the ever-changing environment in which we operate.

Chief Financial Officer

Another stage of our progression involves Rob Keen transitioning to a new role as Elite’s CFO. Rob joined our team more than two years ago as our President, partnering with Sarah and our team to develop and execute our growth strategy, while managing day-to-day operations. When Rob assumed the role, he was aware of our long-term plan and embraced our vision. His knowledge of our business, coupled with his financial acumen, make him a perfect fit to become Elite’s CFO. As a principal partner with Elite, he will continue to ensure our HQ team always honors our partnerships with customers, vendors, and employees.

Chairman of the Board

The final change to our leadership team involves me assuming the role of Chairman of the Board. I’m not stepping out—I’m stepping up! I’ll be serving as a resource to our leadership team as they continue to expand into new markets and meet the ever-changing needs of our loyal customers.

Natural progression and partnership in action

Please join me in congratulating Sarah on her much-deserved, hard-earned promotion to CEO & President, and Rob on his new role as CFO. Elite has, is, and always will be, about Natural Progression and Partnership. This is an exciting milestone as we continue to take our business—and our partnerships—to the next level.

Brian Torry