Each year, the Arizona Council of National Women in Roofing selects a worthy, local cause to whom they can contribute resources. This year, the Arizona Council solicited help from local roofing industry leaders to provide a much-needed roof for the Avis Angels project.

Avis Angels was founded by Avis Lopez, former Arizona social worker, as a foster home for Arizona’s youth. While working in the field, Avis met a family of four children scheduled to be separated and sent to different foster homes. Avis decided to resign from her role with the State and to take the youngsters in as foster children. Frustrated with the system, Avis and several friends founded Avis Angels.

Currently, Avis Angels houses 12 children between five months to 17 years old. Currently, Avis Angels runs with little government assistance. Recently, Avis’ roof was in despair and needed immediate help. After first learning about the project, Rebecca Hyman of Gryphon Roofing brought it to the NWiR – AZ Council. Upon review, the project was quickly adopted as the NWiR’s project of the year.

After adopting the project, several manufacturers donated materials to help with necessary roof repairs. Elite provided all materials that could not otherwise be sourced. Once materials were finalized, Hardacker Roofing, Lyons Roofing and JBS Roofing handled the tear off of the existing roof, repair work and installation of the new roof.

“We love being involved in projects like this,” commented COO Sarah Weiss. “Giving back to our community is second nature to our team and aligning with a group of professionals that looks to make a difference feeds our souls.”

For more information, visit Arizona Roofing Contractor’s Association Facebook page.