In collaboration with Boral Roofing, National Nail, Verde Industries, Trio Forest Products and Eagle Roofing, Elite recently donated roofing materials for MISS Foundation’s Selah Family House project in Sedona, Arizona. Established in 1996, MISS Foundation provides counseling, advocacy, research and education worldwide to families experiencing the death of a child. Upon completion, Selah House will provide onsite housing for visitors during their healing process, as opposed to lodging outside the farm.

“There’s no tragedy in life like the death of a child. Things never get back to the way they were.” 

~ Dwight D. Eisenhower

Still today, Selah Carefarm is the first of its kind to serve the traumatically bereaved. Currently, families of all backgrounds travel to the Sedona-based farm to join others experiencing grief. A few years back, MISS entered the Torry family’s life after the tragic loss of their four-month-old grandson/nephew, Taigo Sabet, to SIDS in November 2018. Above all, MISS enters people’s lives on their worst days to provide an avenue of understanding and counseling. In doing so, MISS provides a much-needed home where people can begin to figure out how to live with their new reality.

Over the years, MISS Foundation touched countless families with loving care and support. That said, Elite is happy to participate in the Selah Family House project. We dedicate our contributions to the memory of Taigo and all other children who have gone too soon.

Tierra Verde Builders was kind enough to take the lead in this new build, with KM Roofing as their subcontractor. Construction began in late 2019 and expected to complete in mid-2020. All in all, we are proud to serve our local community by helping to bring this amazing project to life!

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