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Joe Abbate,

Operations Manager
Orange , CA

“I love working for Elite Roofing Supply because I am challenged every day. I learn new things daily from both customers and my fellow coworkers. I have been working for Elite in Orange for 7 years now. It has been an honor to work with a great company that is family oriented and a pleasure to deal with. Here in Orange, we are like one big happy family. We all have a great time together, laugh together, joke around, and enjoy being around each other. We all work well with one another and help each other. We are very productive and get the job done.”
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Renata Lemke

HR Coordinator

“I am grateful to work for Elite Roofing Supply as each day I find myself satisfied in my job and loving what I do. Elite helps to create an environment where everybody is there for one another as we are all working toward the company’s missions and goals. I am proud to be with Elite Roofing Supply because I am a part of a company that aligns with my own personal values.”

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“The best thing about working for Elite is the people; our coworkers, customers, and vendors are all good people and a JOY to work with. Each day I learn something new, and I enjoy being able to help customers with out-of-the-box solutions based off the knowledge I’ve acquired. Looking back to when I first joined the team to now, it is so rewarding to see how far Elite has come.”

Joy Fronte

Inside Sales Team
Norco, CA

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With 26 branches and counting, the success of Elite lies with the people serving our customers, day in and day out.

Our branch teams work hard to understand our customers’ needs so we can provide the right solutions at the right price, delivered at the right time. Our experience lends itself to the humble confidence we carry with us in everything we do.

Elite branches offer a variety of career opportunities that allow you to do what you enjoy and train for the future.

Managing Partner

Our group of managing partners are industry legends. They have years of roofing expertise and excel in running their branches and teams. They are the leaders that motivate, encourage, and set the tone for the branch’s success and drive. They encourage service, safety, accountability, continuous improvement and humility within each branch and help share the magic of Elite with customers and vendor partners alike.

Inside Sales

Assisting customers with choosing the right products for their jobs, coordinating deliveries and fulfilling will call orders for both commercial and residential products, the inside sales function is vital at the branches. Very often, an inside sales position is great training for a future outside sales candidate. It allows you to learn the ins and outs of the company, products and customers. At the same time, some of our best inside sales team members have been in the role for over 20 years and thrive on serving their customer base by always being available and accessible at the branch day in and day out. Elite’s inside salespeople represent customer service at its finest and have a “whatever it takes” attitude to get the job done and provide solutions for our customers. If getting a purchase order makes your heart skip a beat, then inside sales is for you! 

Outside Sales

Similar to the inside sales agent, Elite’s outside sales force is in the field providing training, knowledge and solutions to our contractor partners and are experts in residential and commercial building products. They sell material, nurture leads and provide excellent service to assist in growing the Elite business. If you need pricing, availability, or product selection assistance, please contact the branch in your area. Just as an inside sales role is great training for future outside salespeople, the same can be true of outside salespeople receiving great training for a managing partner position. Learn More About Our Branches

Operations Manager

Our operations managers are magicians, tightrope walkers and code talkers all at the same time. They take what seems to be an impossible number of deliveries on a given day and they work their magic to make sure each and every customer gets what they need to get their jobs done. They run our delivery teams and warehouse/yard teams all with a passion for making sure we get the material delivered to the jobsite in the manner the contractor needs it to be laid out. They oversee our fleet and safety program and are a foundational leader in each Elite branch. They are often the un-thanked heroes, but our operations managers are the wind behind every salesperson, pulling off the seemingly impossible each and every day and wowing customers in return.

Drivers and Loaders

The face of Elite at the frontline with customers, our dedicated team of drivers and loaders operate a variety of vehicles, loaders, cranes, flatbeds, and conveyors.

Semi Driver

Our semi drivers are top class drivers who pride themselves on safely getting material from our yard to the jobsite.

Conveyor Driver

Most states Elite operates in contain roof load markets. That means our delivery teams are charged with laying the material out on the roof for the contractor so their crews can come behind and install the material in a fast and efficient manner. Our conveyor drivers are responsible for the logistics and safe delivery of the material onto the customer’s roof. They play a critical role in helping to put a roof over families’ and businesses’ heads every day. They lead a crew of 1 to 2 roof loaders, inspect the loads before leaving the yard to ensure they have everything the job needs, oversee safety on the jobsite, and are responsible for maintaining their world class truck.

Jib Crane Operator

Elite has a fleet of knuckle boom and jib cranes to service our commercial jobs and large multifamily projects. Many of our crane operators started out as Class A or B drivers and went through an Elite-sponsored training program internally and a Nationally Accredited Crane Certification program to become world class operators.

Roof Loader/Unloader

Partnered with a driver each day, our roof loaders help load the trucks in the yard, ensure the right material is on the truck and physically unload the material at the jobsite. Sometimes the material is delivered on the ground, but most of the time our roof loading team gets to climb a ladder and be up on the roof unloading material and laying it out on the roof in a way that is safe and sets the roofers up for success when they come behind to do the install. If you love seeing beautiful rooftop views of your community, getting a great workout at work, and serving your community by helping put roofs over people’s heads, this role is for you.

Warehouse Supervisor

Elite's warehouse leads oversee the daily operations that take place in our yards and warehouses. A successful warehouse supervisor ensures their yard is neat and orderly, deliveries are being pulled accurately and will call customers are greeted promptly and are back on the road quickly with their order in hand, all while pulling orders for the next round of deliveries. Similar to the operations manager role, the warehouse supervisor is a fast moving, multitasking wizard who is the backbone of Elite branch operations. With the support of their team, they are receiving material from our vendors all day long and storing it away in a neat and orderly manner so the material is not damaged. They do this all while completing cycle counts, hopping on a forklift to pull will call orders, working with the warehouse team to provide fast and accurate service to our will call customers and staging the deliveries that need to go out that day. If you enjoy creating order out of chaos, being a part of a winning team and being a leader, this role is for you.

Warehouse Associate

The warehouse associate is responsible for receiving inventory, pulling orders for walk-in customers and loading delivery vehicles. If you enjoy physical tasks, want to be outside all day and are looking for a hands-on position that keeps you moving, this is the job for you! We have warehouse associates who have been serving in this function for 20 years and are now the face of Elite for many will call customers. Others who enter the industry in this role continue on to become drivers, operations associates, inside sales team members, etc. Many of our managing partners actually started out in a warehouse or driver role.

Branch Staff

Elite’s branch staff is the glue holding everything together. These professional "get it doners" are the coordinators and organizers of everything necessary to support our branch and sales teams.